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28.02.2016 15:37

The children from the family orphanage Anita Center help homeless animals at the shelter “GAV”


On the morning of 6 December, the children, from the family orphanage Anita- Centre together with their mentors, went to their first volunteer campaign to help animals in the shelter GAV. The children have already had a little volunteer experience, and they wanted to continue to help the animals.

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 We thank the volunteers and the Director of the shelter for homeless animals GAV, for that they believed in the young volunteers, they agreed to take them and entrusted the children the communication with the animals. We hope, that this first meeting will be the beginning of a tradition of volunteering of the children from Anita- Center at the shelter for animals — the children can give to the animals so much! Moreover, that their close friends are together with them – the mentors of the volunteer project “Neshama”.

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