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20.12.2018 16:44

Since the end of the autumn holidays, “the younger brother” of the Maagal Volunteer Coordination Service – the volunteer platform Maagal Junior for teenagers in Moscow – opened a new volunteer season with a series of interactive presentations.

The first lesson took place at the venue of the Jewish AdSchool educational project at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The coordinators of the Maagal Junior alongside the project participants talked about good deeds, motivation, the nuances of helping others, volunteer platforms and promotions. The model of the Bkind project (link) was taken as the main methodology.

The next venue that hosted the project was the youth club Enerjew Moscow. Maagal Junior coordinators developed an interactive lesson especially for the Enerjew junior staff (children from 12 to 15 years old), whose goal was to create a volunteer map. The guys were looking for charitable organizations in Maryina Roshcha district, the area where Enerjew classes are held, and created a video dossier of them. First, the participants of the session were given the addresses of potential organizations that had to be “googled” in order to find out what is located at each of the addresses. Next, the participants were divided into teams by the number of points on the map, the guys took a video interview with each of the organizations, represented by Enerjew madrihi. As a result of the lesson, the project participants learned that those who need their volunteer help are right next to them. In the process of preparing the interview, the participants learned how to ask the right questions in order to understand what charity funds are doing and what kind of help they need.

At this time, the senior project participants were invited to consider the real problems of various charitable organizations. Cases turned out very different. The proposed sites included a day center for the elderly, a shelter for homeless animals, an integration center for children of refugees and migrants, and a project for the integration of children with special needs. At the end of the lesson, each of the working groups was ready for a comprehensive solution to the problems which we had set for them.

All the details about the methodology of classes can be obtained from the project coordinator – Maria Medvedeva.

The final lesson before the annual Workshop of Good Deeds was the presentation of the project at the site of the youth Jewish movement “Netzer”. The discussion with the participants of the Olam Catan project (the Hebrew “small world”) was also conducted according to the method of “cards of goodness” of the BKind international project. In addition to the discussion, the coordinators of the Maagal Junior talked with the project participants about social startups in Israel.

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