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28.02.2016 15:35

Seminar – Workshop for the volunteer project “Neshama” 

21-22 October in the suburbs of Moscow, it took place the Seminar “Workshop 4. 0” for the volunteers of the project MAAGAL′, where the future mentors met each other and got the knowledge, without which they can not communicate in a proper way with the children. What is a mentor? Why does the child need him? How can I help to a child? How to communicate with him? How to avoid the manipulation and should there be any borders? There are many questions given by the inexperienced future mentors. The psychologists and experts in the field of mentoring came to share their knowledge, and to answer for all of the questions and to prepare the volunteers for a meeting with the children.

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Also, at the seminar, the volunteers met with the Director of the children’s Guesthouse “Anita -Center» Svetlana. The mentors learnt about the way of life of the children, their leisure habits, characters. This meeting was important as for the volunteers, so for Svetlana, because she confides her children to these boys and girls.


A great team gathered in the volunteer project “Neshama”. Each volunteer on his own way expresses his goal and formulates it, but the main thing is that everyone wants to help the children and to give them their warmth and attention. Very soon the mentors will be introduced to their children. In the lives of the children an important person will appear, and in the life of the volunteers a new little friend will be. And each pair will start their story.

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