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20.12.2018 16:40

Volunteers of the project Memory. Assistance. Generations. handed over 52 new forms to the “Yad Vashem” memorial.

On October 11, volunteers of the project “Memory. Assistance. Generations” handed over 52 sheets of testimony and 6 registration forms to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. A part of the forms was supplemented with photos.

What were the submitted questionnaires? This was a large family who died in the ghetto, lived before the war in Poland in Brzeziny and Warsaw, a family of three people killed in Babi Yar, two people shot from Cherven (Igumen) in Belarus, a large family of the collective farm chairman from the Mykolaiv region, a man who went to visit relatives in Kharkiv and did not come back, a murdered family in the Ushachi district center in the Polotsk region, and others. In addition, there were a lot of missing and dead people at the front (most often there is more information about them than about the victims of the Holocaust, because in Soviet times people talked more about front-line soldiers, they were not hidden).

Volunteers from Moscow and a volunteer from Kazan, who joined the team last spring (we are very happy about it!) filled out these forms.